Thursday, November 12, 2009


Drawing, painting, photography, dance, singing, and writing are all ways to be creative. Everyone can be creative! Believe it or not, the Internet can help people to be creative all the time! The Internet can help people voice there creativity in ways such as a blog. And being given the help of the Internet, voicing and showing your creativity can be a lot easier, like being able to see other peoples blogs, seeing what creative style they have, and discover that you might have something in common, or if you might discover other ways to be creative that you might like. I would think people, including me, would act differently if only our teachers were going to see our blogs, because, if only our teacher's were going to see it, i would think people would pay more attention to what the teacher was looking for, but if the whole world were able to see your art, you may be able to be more free, more "yourself". I think, today creativity is in everyone, and there is a creative style for every person.

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  1. I like the name you chose for your blog. I also agree that everyone can be creative. I am sure you will enjoy having creative fun while learning about Web 2.0 tools and blogging! :)