Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This week, I explored www.Flickr.com. Flickr is public photo gallery. I uploaded this picture above at Flickr, because it shows one of my favorite hobbies. Uploading pictures from Flickr is pretty fun and easy to do. First, I went onto Flickr.com and searched what topic I want (making sure it was ok for the picture to be on my blog) and then, when I found something I liked I and dragged it to the desktop. After that, I made a new post (this one) and pressed the add picture icon on the post draft, I clicked "browse" and found my Flickr Picture. It didn't take me long to do at all. I'd recommend Flickr for everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making My Avatar

As you may see below, I have created an avatar. An avatar is a character that reflects you, without fully giving away who you are. Making my avatar was quite easy. I made avatar on manga.com. Manga is a website where you can create a character that you might or might not look like.
After I made my avatar, a dragged my creation to the desktop. When i was ready to upload my character, i went to my blog (logged in) and pressed the "customize" button, which is located in the upper right hand corner. I scrolled down to the "picture" icon, once done, I clicked the "browse" button, then I to the desktop file on the finder, then I scolled down till I found my avatar. then press "upload". And my character was on my blog. :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Drawing, painting, photography, dance, singing, and writing are all ways to be creative. Everyone can be creative! Believe it or not, the Internet can help people to be creative all the time! The Internet can help people voice there creativity in ways such as a blog. And being given the help of the Internet, voicing and showing your creativity can be a lot easier, like being able to see other peoples blogs, seeing what creative style they have, and discover that you might have something in common, or if you might discover other ways to be creative that you might like. I would think people, including me, would act differently if only our teachers were going to see our blogs, because, if only our teacher's were going to see it, i would think people would pay more attention to what the teacher was looking for, but if the whole world were able to see your art, you may be able to be more free, more "yourself". I think, today creativity is in everyone, and there is a creative style for every person.