Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google Docs

This week, I visited Google Docs, on Google. Google docs is a application on google where you can share a document with somene on another computer without making a second document. You see, if you keep just making copies to another computer by E-mail, you may get confused on which is which when the other person sends it back. With Google Docs, it's the same document, when you send it back and forth, that makes alot less documents and alot less for your computer to take in. Go to the link above, and then make an google account. After that, create a new documnt and invite friends to share the doc. with. Its that easy. I'd reccomend Google Docs for anyone who has problems dealing with big reports, with Google Docs, there is no problem with all the organizing. I hope you find Google Docs as helpful as I did. :)

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